“Tori” – acoustic music based on Japanese traditions

We introduce listeners to the musical culture of Japan. The main instrument in our group is Japanese bamboo flute shakuhachi. During middle ages, itinerant monks played this flute, and later it became part of the court ensemble. 21-st century is a time of mixing styles, a time of experiments. Traditionally, the flute was accompanied by a Japanese stringed instrument koto. We replaced it with classical guitar, added violin and vocals. We play Japanese classics and sing Japanese songs. Combining love for Japanese and European cultures, we also perform new music of our own composition. In addition to the shakuhachi, our ensemble also features a Chinese erhu violin and a three-string shamisen. “We live in the modern world – here and now. This is reflected in our music” – says Andrew Jilin, the founder of the band.
"Tori" means "Bird" in Japanese. Recently we released our first album called “The Last Day of Summer”. Nature has inspired us to write, arrange and record these tracks – bird’s tweets, leave’s rustle, wind, water murmuring. You will hear all these sounds on this record. Together we will share the feeling of oncoming spring, Japanese state of enlighten regret about the passing of summer, joy of sea walks and fresh air. Moreover, you will hear how wind plays with waves. All sounds come from silence. We encourage you to listen to the silence inside you.
Long time ago a student asked his teacher “How should I describe the sound of a shakuhachi flute?”. The teacher said: “Shakuhachi is like a wind in the pines”.